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Look at those ears!!! She so reminds us of an elf that we named her after a character in the Lord of the Rings!!! Her ears literally look 7 times too big for her head, but it is so very cute.

Arwen was recently found as a stray so we are still getting to know her. She gets a little nervous about strangers at her kennel door so best to meet her outside in the play yard. There she will show you she is very attentive and super, super smart. She knows sit and waits for a treat—she takes them very gently too.

Arwen is very long and lanky so we are guessing there may be some whippet in her background—it's anyone's guess of what her breed make up is—but it adds up to a lot of cuteness and personality!!


Refer to Log #53 if you are interested in Arwen.

Visit the Providence Animal Care & Control Center

200 Terminal Road (1 Adoption Way)

Providence, RI 02905


Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 3pm

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