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UPDATE: Jeeves is in need of a life-saving surgery after 3 urinary blockages! Felines can die when urinary crystals block in their urethra which is super painful! Jeeves needs a surgery called perineal urethrostomy to alter his man parts so that he can pass urinary matter more easily. Please consider donating to save this special cats life!

Hi! I am quite the debonair fellow. I am very outgoing and friendly. Although I am not a kitten, I am still very friendly but also know how to be low key and just hang out in someone’s lap for a nice snooze.


I am a bit picky when it comes to other felines – some cats I like and some I don’t like too much. They just need to be up to my high standards!


They tell me I was recently neutered – whatever that means!


My special needs are no big deal - i just need to be fed a diet that is good for my urinary health - that's what the vet said - I like the food and will be more than willing to work for purrs and such to pay of the grocery bill !

Visit the Providence Animal Care & Control Center

200 Terminal Road (1 Adoption Way)

Providence, RI 02905


Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 3pm

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