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Crissy a.k.a. Christmas

On December 20, a Providence Animal Control Officer received an emergency call at 1000 Elmwood Street (Roger Williams Park). A brown dog could be seen in the river in distress near the carousel. Luckily Providence Animal Control and the Providence Fire Department were able to rescue the cold, wet, female pit-bull mix from the water. She was given the name Christmas, or Crissy for short.


Crissy was immediately transported to Mass/RI Veterinary Hospital where she was warmed back up to normal body temperature. We are happy to report that Crissy has made a full recovery from her ordeal and is now looking for a forever home.


We don't know Crissy's history prior to the night we rescued her, however we guess she did not have an easy life. She is very scared of new things and really hates to be in the kennel. She will need to be adopted by someone with experience with large-breed dogs who will give her the time and patience she needs to gain some confidence.


Since being in a kennel at the shelter is very stressful, Crissy is currently staying in a foster home. If you would like to meet Crissy, please ask a member of our staff. 


We are hoping this special girl finds a home that will give her the life she has always deserved.

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