Adoptable Dogs 


Poor Lola has not had an easy life. Her original owners moved away and just left her and another dog behind in their apartment. Then, the people who owned the building just left her outside with a bunch of large dogs. Understandably, Lola is timid and shy and needs some patience to let her work through her fear issues.


It is apparent that Lola really wants to be friends with people, she is just not sure how to do that and still be safe. We are showing her with baby steps that we are her friends and that we are going to take care of her.


Lola's progress would be much quicker if she was in a home rather than the noisy shelter environment. We are hoping that someone will see how special she is and give her the chance she deserves.


Come meet Lola and see how wonderful she is. 

Refer to Log #259.

Visit the Providence Animal Care & Control Center

200 Terminal Road (1 Adoption Way)

Providence, RI 02905


Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 3pm

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