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Why Adopt?

When you adopt a pet from the Providence Animal Shelter you're saving a life and giving a dog or cat a second chance. Happy, healthy pets are waiting to meet you and become a part of your family. All adoptable pets are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and ready to start a new life with you. Remember, you can't buy love but you can adopt it from the Providence Animal Shelter!

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How to Adopt

How do I adopt? (Also check out the City of Providence Animal Control website by clicking here

*DUE TO COVID-19 WE ARE SEEING ADOPTERS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY FOR ALL ADOPTIONS. Please see our petfinder page for all available animals*


You must be at least 18 years of age to adopt. If you are 18 years of age and live at home with your parent or parents, you must have permission from your parent(s) or better yet, have them visit the adoptable animals with you!


You will need to provide proof that you own your own home, a utility bill or property tax statement with your name and address on it will do. If you rent a home or apartment, please have your landlords’ permission (a notarized letter/lease agreement) to own a pet or additional pets.

If you find an animal in our shelter that you would like to adopt, please fill out an adoption application either in person (this is best) or online and come to the shelter with that application.


Once you are approved, you will pay the adoption fee and sign an adoption agreement. Please be advised that we cannot refund the adoption fee if your new pet doesn’t work out. If you are having trouble with your newly adopted pet, please feel free to email us with any questions. We can often recommend a trainer or provide behavioral advice via email or over the phone. We accept returns of adopted animals no matter how long you have owned your adopted pet! Per the adoption contract, if you’ve lost your pet adopted from PAC, you must notify us immediately, we can help! Especially with escaped cats!


*Approval can be based on ownership history, current vaccines and spay/neuter status on resident animals and proof of home ownership or written permission from your landlord. We do not operate on a first come, first served basis however, if the first applicant is the best fit for the animal, adoption will be granted to that person or family. If you are curious about the status of your application, please email


Adoption Tips

Ready to adopt? Read these Adoption Tips from the ASPCA.

You can find the latest animals up for adoption on PetFinder.
For more information, contact the Providence Animal Shelter at




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